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New Caney Furniture Refinishing

A home’s furniture is considered an asset. From the chairs, tables, cabinets, and the likes, each one is precious and holds value. Since they bring benefits to our space, such as added comfort, organization, and home style, it is best to maintain their appearance and quality.

New Caney Furniture Refinishing pexels caeli team 3714960 225x300If you are looking for a furniture company that caters best to your requests with regard to furniture restoration and refinishing, Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration is the one for you.

Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration is one of the best New Caney furniture refinishing companies. We always give our utmost skill in giving your furniture a second life and added worth. We offer great deals on our services, ensuring that your investment will extend your furniture’s value without costing you too much.

Our refinishing experts are also willing to give you tips on how to properly handle your furniture for it to look and function its best for a long time. So if you want a quality service that will elevate your home’s appearance and value, look nowhere else.

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Signs That You Need Furniture Refinishing

Your furniture at home or in the office receives all sorts of marks and mistreatment from daily use, especially the pieces in the dining room and living room. Over time, your favorite furniture will show signs of wear and tear and may look dull and shabby. It might ruin the atmosphere of your space.

New Caney Furniture Refinishing pexels andrea davis 3653849 200x300If you want to show love to your furniture by refinishing it, there are signs that you need to look out for first. Maybe it just needs a little wiping or dusting, or worse, it may require more than just refinishing. Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration will be your guide in assessing your furniture and will be your partner in a possible refinishing or restoration project.

Here are some signs you need to watch out for:

  1. Dusting or wiping doesn’t help because the wood surface still feels sticky.
  2. The wood underneath is exposed, and the existing finish has cracked.
  3. The existing finish is flaking or chipping off, thus failing to protect the wood of your furniture.
  4. Loads of scratches, watermarks, dents, and blemishes from everyday use are becoming visible.
  5. Falling out of love in your furniture due to its gradually dulling appearance and worth.

If the abovementioned signs are present in assessing your furniture, it’s high time to get started on a refinishing project. Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration has your back on this one, offering a reasonably priced service that will certainly give the best value for your refinishing investment. We will be your best partner in achieving furniture that looks brand-new!

Comprehensive Furniture Refinishing Services

New Caney Furniture Refinishing pexels daria shevtsova 1030979 240x300There are various types of refinishing for your furniture, and each one occurs under different circumstances and requires different processes. Our New Caney furniture refinishing experts will walk you through these types to let you know which one suits your furniture’s condition best. To ensure a smooth and time-saving process, Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration will lend you their pro knowledge and skills.

Surface Repair

Furniture refinishing projects commonly apply resurfacing treatments such as sanding or stripping. This is usually done on the old surfaces of hardwood and softwood furniture. Remedies also includes filling the gaps and holes of furniture with a wood filler then refinishing it with a stain, paint, varnish, polish, wax, lacquer, or shellac.

Our furniture experts at Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration possess the necessary wood knowledge and carpentry skills to offer you the wonders of wood refinishing.

Top New Caney Furniture Refinishing Company

We handle all kinds of hardwood and softwood furniture refinishing and restoration services ranging from home to office furnishings.

New Caney Furniture Refinishing pexels vecislavas popa 1643383 300x197 With our specialized knowledge, we guarantee to accommodate your queries and requests to make your furniture shine.

Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration is one of the leading New Caney furniture refinishing companies, with a history of leaving our previous clients were satisfied with our service. Our customers’ positive impressions of us, especially with our affordable prices for proven quality service, are our driving force to continue improving our services.

Free Consultation

Houston Cabinet and Hardwood Restoration logoLooking for a one-stop New Caney, TX furniture refinishing company with the knowledge, skills, and premium equipment? Partner with Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration to get what you deserve. Talk to our experts first to maximize the benefits you will get from us.

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