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Tomball Floor Restoration

Floors add immense value to any space, providing character to each room and making it easy for people to move around. However, these floors will slowly show their age through time as some areas may end up warping due to water damage or constant use. Unfortunately, getting these floors replaced completely can be very expensive, especially if not all the floors have the same damaged condition. So, what can you do?

refinished hardwood floor

Fortunately, you can take advantage of the Tomball floor restoration services of Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration. We are a leading Houston, TX floor and cabinet company that understands that floors need to be in tip-top condition all the time to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable, and that your floors continue to blend well with your space.

Our team can restore just about any flooring material imaginable and assess how much restoration they need. If we can restore them, we will do it efficiently, and if not, we can recommend alternative options to ensure you don’t spend a lot of money on getting them replaced.

We have everything we need to restore your floors, from the experienced floor experts who will handle the project to the tools and equipment needed to get it done. Let our team know what you need, and we can tackle the issue for you easily.

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Fast, Effective Floor Remodeling Process

When you reach out to us at Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration, you won’t have to wait weeks before your Tomball floor restoration project is finished. We use a very efficient floor restoration process that requires no sanding and harmful chemicals to restore your floor’s vitality compared to other floor restoration processes used by other companies.

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Our unique approach allows us to reduce the time needed to get the floor ready and keep the workplace clean at the same time. Usually, floor sanding can take days depending on the floor being restored, and it can get very loud and messy. We use a liquid abrasion treatment to prepare your floors for restoration, which speeds up the process immensely and reduces the mess we make for your floors.

No matter what level of damage your floors have, our team will be able to screen and fill up scratches without making any mess in your space. Once the damage is sorted out, we use a sustainable and toxin-free flooring finish to give your floors their new shine. We would then complete the process with our UV system’s help, curing your floors faster than normal curing techniques. This means that you will be able to use your rooms immediately after we finish restoring your floors.

Superior Floor Restoration Solution

Getting floors restored usually takes several days to complete because of the various processes that must be done to get everything completed. There’s even an additional week where you have to wait for the curing solution to dry out completely. As a result, floor restorations are done per part of the home, which will require the family to evacuate the home for the meantime until the entire process is done.

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Usual floor restoration projects also require sanding, which can get very messy and cause many cleanups to get the dust out of furniture and spaces. Some companies even use solvents to strip the old varnish, which can be very dangerous and linger longer in your home.

But with us, you don’t have to wait two weeks or more to enjoy your new floors. We use a cleaner, faster, safer, and affordable floor restoration technique, enabling us to finish projects as fast as one to two days, with no curing time included. Thanks to our unique process, we do not have to get many people to sort out your project.

If you need reliable and quick floor restoration solutions in Tomball, TX, you can never go wrong with Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration!

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Houston Cabinet and Hardwood Restoration logoIf you want to give your floors a new life, you should get a company that can provide excellent Tomball floor restoration services that won’t put a dent in your budget.

At Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration, you can be assured that trained experts will give your floors new life by restoring them to their previous condition. When we are done with our job, you won’t even recognize your floors as they will look and feel brand new.

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